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Roseraie Company for perfumes, aromatic products, and detergents production is a leading company in the fields of perfumery products, offering premium quality personal care, home care, and car care products through multiple brands competing in the Egyptian market, such as Smart Air Freshener, Golden Air Freshener, Gick dishwashing liquid, Dolive shower gel and hand wash, and Smart Scent car fresheners.
The company was established in 2015, with its head office located in the industrial zone of the 6th of October City.
Since the earliest steps of Roseraie, and with the launching of its first products, the company has gained a lot of experience in the field of perfumery, aromatic products, and detergents. This experience came over long years and many experiments were carried out by our experienced professionals as they work hard and persevere to reach the best results every time.
The company developed in the market over a short time to become one of the largest companies producing perfumes, aromatic products, and detergents in Egypt, the company sought to maintain this position, which prompted it to achieve more success and progress.
The most important edge of Roseraie is the diversity of scents used in the production of its products, where the company uses charming oriental scents, high-end western scents, and distinctive flavors, bringing this diversity to produce more than 20 scents for each item.
Roseraie is also well-known for its ability to gain the trust of many customers in a short time. So, the presence of Roseraie in the market has become an important manner for every home, and its share in the local market has increased all over Egypt, in addition to its share in the international markets by increasing export stock indices.

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